We offer a diverse listing of yoga classes serving a diverse clientele with aspirations ranging from a deeper connection to breath and movement to a simple satisfying stretch. Beginners may enjoy our Beginner Yoga, Gentle and Restorative or Desk Dweller Yoga. However,we also offer more advanced Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes as well. See our class listings below.

Yoga Class Offerings

Ashtanga Flow: Ashtanga Yoga is an active and energetic form of yoga that generates internal body heat, induces sweat and rids the practitioner of toxins in the body. It also helps the student to achieve strength, balance, flexibility, agility and stamina. The connection between breath and movement is key as you move through a series of standing, seated, back-bending and inverted postures or asanas. It is highly recommended that the practitioner have prior yoga experience as this class is not for yoga beginners.

Beginner: Welcome beginners and those who would like to deepen their understanding of the basic yoga poses! We will focus on standing poses, twisting, back bends and preparations for inversions. Exploring and understanding how to work with props when appropriate. We will also explore the breath. Bring your body and your mind. Bring your curiosity!

Desk Dweller: This is a one-hour class that focuses on undoing (and preventing) the effects of computer posture, in which the head drifts forward, the shoulders hunch, and the hips stiffen. Students will learn to lengthen their tired wrist muscles, open their tight chest muscles, and strengthen their backs. They will also release tightness in their hips, particularly the front aspect of the hips. The result? A more upright and confident posture and less stress! This is an all-levels class, and beginners are welcomed.

Form & Flow: This class weaves together two major yoga traditions: it couples the precision and alignment focus of the Iyengar tradition (Form) with the movement-breath connection and vinyasas of the Ashtanga tradition (Flow). This class is an approach to yoga that uses the linking of breath and movement, and the emphasis of proper alignment as a way to become completely absorbed in the present moment and develop one-pointed focus. Form & Flow is intended for students interested in developing their practice, refining their alignment, strengthening/stretching the major muscle groups, and experiencing movement as a form of meditation. Form & Flow is an all-levels class, and beginners are welcomed.

Gentle: In Gentle Yoga classes, we focus on releasing the body’s most deeply embedded tensions. This is accomplished through carefully sequenced, well-supported, and precisely aligned postures which are designed to unravel spinal tension beginning at the tailbone. The effects of the postures are further enhanced by various props and personal assists. As these long-held tensions gradually dissolve, the body becomes stronger, more resilient, and responsive.

Iyengar: This style of Yoga is a form of hatha yoga, developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, that emphasizes correct alignment and breath control. It often makes use of props (including belts, blocks, and blankets). The props enable students to perform the postures safely, reducing the risk of injury or strain, and making the postures accessible to students of varying ages and conditions. Iyengar-style yoga includes very little vinyasa flow. Instead, students focus on alignment while holding postures for longer durations.

Power: Awaken your physical self in this 75-minute class, and start your day connected to body and breath. In this class, we move with our breath through a continuous sequence of postures in which each pose flows into the next. This invigorating practice offers the chance to cultivate strength and agility, while renewing your connection to yourself. The style of this class emphasizes adaptation – students are encouraged to modify and make each posture their own. 

Restorative: This is a passive practice in which poses are held for several minutes at a time, propped with blankets, blocks, and bolsters to minimize the amount of work that the muscles are doing in the pose. A restorative practice can rest your body, stretch your muscles, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and calm your nervous system, moving you into a peaceful state of deep relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow: This moderately-paced all-levels vinyasa class incorporates creative sequencing of postures and exploration of breath to awaken energy flow in the body, leading you into the inquiry of yoga. You will simultaneously develop strength, flexibility and endurance. Alignment cues and hands-on assists are woven into the flow to guide you safely and afford you maximum benefit from the practice. Students will learn the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga, including sun salutations, standing poses, balancing postures, seated and reclining poses, backbends, and core strengthening. Emphasis is placed on moving into and out of postures safely and learning to quiet the chatter of the mind to find peace and inner stillness.

Yin: Yin Yoga is a slow style of yoga that targets the body’s dense connective tissues through long-held, meditative floor poses. The postures are typically held between one and five minutes. This practice is particularly effective for people wanting to address chronic tightness in their hips and shoulders. It is an ideal complement to busy lifestyles and active yoga practices. This is an all-levels class, and beginners are welcomed.

Yoga For Runners & Cyclists: This class is designed specifically for athletes who run, bike and have tight hips, hamstrings or need some TLC before a race. Fans of yoga who just appreciate a IT band stretch are also welcomed. Many people who are athletic but not runners also enjoy the class. We’ll move through a vinyasa flow to warm the body and prepare for deep stretching and a realignment of joints and bones for better muscle performance on the track. Appropriate for those new to yoga or long time friends.