Personal Training sessions are a great opportunity to make the most of your workouts through the close guidance of a trained professional. Personal Training sessions offer clients the certainty and comfort of knowing that the time they spend working out is contributing directly to achieving their fitness goals. A Personal Trainer will use your current experience, health, preferences, and goals to outline a specific routine for you.

Please email our Membership and Wellness Director, Nicole Nardone-Leavitt with any questions.

Personal Training Policies

  • Clients should schedule their sessions directly with their respective trainer
  • Clients must pay prior to having their session
  • All payments can be made online, with your trainer, or through the Fitness Director
  • At least 24 hour notice must be given to the trainer to cancel a scheduled session
  • Personal training sessions are non refundable
  • Personal Training Sessions expire 12 months from date of purchase


Member Rates
Session Package 30-Minute Session 60-Minute Session
1 $40 $70
4 $140 $260
8 $280 $520
12 $420 $780

Non-Member Rates
Session Package 30-Minute Session 60-Minute Session
1 $50 $100
4 $200 $400
8 $400 $800
12 $600 $1,200


Chorobi Sagna

Personal Trainer
Group Exercise Instructor

Education: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science: UMass-Amherst (2023)

Certifications: International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer

All my life I have been playing sports, but my favorites being Basketball and Baseball. I would always pride myself on my speed and agility, which helped me with my game. Once high school hit, I stopped playing sports, only doing track and baseball for a year each. Even though I had stopped, a part of me wanted to keep training! So, at the end of my senior year I joined the YMCA in 2017 and fell in love with working out. I am currently in the best shape of my life!

The following year I began to study at UMASS Amherst; however, I started off as a business major and after a year and a half it felt as though it wasn’t for me. It was then that I decided to become a Kinesiology major! The classes were a little harder, but I could tell it was the right path for me. I am currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree and plan on using it to better myself and others. I started off my YMCA career working as a fitness ambassador for a year. That plus my 5 years of working out here, I am very grateful to be a part of the Cambridge YMCA community and hope I can continue to help that fitness community grow. My goal as a trainer is to unlock people’s potential and help them better themselves one step at a time!