We offer a variety of group exercise classes, including aerobics, boxing, dance, and yoga led by certified, fun, and responsive instructors! From calming yoga to intense boot camp classes, our Y offers a variety of classes to fit any interest and fitness level. Our YMCA group exercise classes are designed to encourage camaraderie and help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their wellness goals. Join one of our group exercise classes today and discover the power of a healthy lifestyle.


Carved from Stone

60 minutes of chiseling, full-body resistance training to help challenge and define your muscles. Includes core work.

Gentle Sculpt

Ideal for seniors or beginners that features mild to moderate cardiovascular & muscular training in a comfortable and open environment.


Tabata offers short bursts of peak effort using the formula of a work/rest ratio of 2:1.

Punk Rope

Punk Rope is a playful mash up of jump rope, bodyweight training, and fitness games. All fitness levels welcome. Jump ropes provided.

Boot Camp

A high-intensity class designed to enhance your strength and cardio endurance in a fun, fast paced environment.

Aligned Flow Yoga

A strong yet subtle practice with a long warm up. This class emphasizes aligning yoga postures into a flow while being connected to breath and movement.

Desk Dweller Yoga

Specifically designed to help you avoid (or recover from) computer posture where the head juts forward, shoulders hunch, and hips stiffen.

Ashtanga Flow

An energetic class that generates body heat and induces sweat to help students achieve strength and balance. Prior yoga experience is highly recommended.

Vinyasa Flow

A challenging all-levels class that links breath with movement to warm the body & relax the mind. Improve strength & flexibility while relieving stress.

Yoga for Runners/Cyclists

This class is for athletes who run, bike &/or have tight hips or hamstrings. Fans of yoga who just appreciate an IT band stretch are also welcomed.

Power Yoga

Start your day right with a class that emphasizes moving with strength and grace from pose to pose while maintaining a strong, even breath.

Yin Yoga

Target the body’s dense connective tissues through long-held, meditative floor poses (1-5 min). Complements busy lifestyles & active yoga practices.

Restorative Yoga

Use breathing techniques w/ active & passive stretches to explore the mind/body practice that is yoga. This approach is gentler than active or hot forms.

Gentle Yoga

For those over the age of 50 or beginners, this class features gentle poses that help you reduce your stress & achieve a state of relaxation.

Zumba Gold®

For older, active adults or Zumba® newbies, this class focuses on movement, balance, stability, & working the hips & shoulders to relieve arthritic pain.

Chair Fitness

Join this FUNdamentals class with dynamic seated and supported balance exercises! Mobilize, strengthen, and stretch to maintain independence.


Zumba® uses Latin and international rhythms & easy-to-follow moves to create a unique fitness program that will make you sweat.


Based on “Dancing with the Stars”, learn the true skill of Ballroom and Latin dance in this multi-cultural experience.

Cardio Dance

Cardio Dance is a hybrid of dance choreography and cardio exercises set to music, creating a heart-pumping workout to keep your body in constant motion

Total Body Conditioning

A mix of strength, cardiovascular, core, agility, and balance to start your day off right!

Boxing Conditioning

This class combines calisthenics with boxing drills for a heart and heavy bag pounding boxing workout. No sparing drills, no boxing experience necessary. You must bring your own wraps and gloves to class!

Boxing Technique

A next level boxing class using drills to improve movement, and hone punching form. Instructor approval required. Please email tmilan@cambymca.org

Senior Boxing

A class designed for seniors that combines calisthenics, core strength, coordination, and boxing drills. No sparring drills, no boxing experience necessary. You must bring your own wraps and gloves to class!

Beginner Boxing

Learn the fundamentals of boxing, from wrapping your hands, to throwing effective punches, while getting a challenging and fun workout. You must bring your own wraps and gloves to class!

Strength & Power

Enhance your strength, power, and metabolic capacity while focusing on strength training form, through various pieces of equipment.


30 minutes of core crushing combinations to strengthen your abs.