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Child With Parent Classes

Our classes for ages 6-36 months range in size from 5 to 8 swimmers. Please note that an adult must accompany each child into the water for every class.


Spring II Session: April 22nd – June 16th**

**No Classes on Memorial Day Weekend**

Summer Session: June 26th – August 18th

*Registration Opens May 22nd for Members/May 30th for Non-Members

Fall I Session: September 16th – November 10th

*Registration Opens July 31st for Members/August 7th for Non-Members


Our Lightning Policy

Shrimp w/ Parent (Ages 6-18 months)*

toddler swim lessons at the YMCA

This class focuses on basic skills for water familiarization, safety, and confidence. Instructors use games and songs to acclimate babies

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Perch w/ Parent (Ages 19-36 months)*

Parent Child swim lessons at the YMCA

This class includes basic swimming skills including arm and leg movement, breath control, balance, gliding, floating, and safety rules. A

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Pike w/ Parent (Age 2.9 to 5 years)

preschool swim lessons at the YMCA

This is the water discovery class. This class focuses on basic swimming mechanics and prepares young swimmers for independent lessons. The

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